Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sahaja Samadhi

In yoga the term is used to indicate some kind of trance and there are various kinds of samadhi. But the samadhi I speak to you about is different. It is sahaja samadhi. In this state you remain calm and composed during activity. You realise that you are moved by the deeper self within and are unaffected by what you do or say or think. You have no worries, anxieties or cares, for you realise that there is nothing that belongs to you as ego and that everything is being done by something with which you are in conscious union.

Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)

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gonj said...

yogas end stage is samadhi we have got it in the first stage and will enjoy it till alive.

we are lucky to be choosen by nirmala mataji to get something with no extra efforts. its all mothers love n care that is being showered on us. no words of thanx just will spread sahaj as mothers wish is.

hope we can do a little in sahaj as mother has already done everything for all sahaji to spread the message.

Believe in ur innerself and join sahaj