Monday, November 06, 2006

I entered not knowing where

I entered not knowing where.
And I remained not knowing.
Beyond all science knowing.

I did not know where I entered,
But when I saw myself there,
Not knowing where I entered,
Many things I suddenly learned;
I will not say what these things were,
For I remained not knowing,
Beyond all science knowing.

It was peace, it was love,
It was the perfect knowledge,
In deep loneliness
I saw with wisdom;
It was a thing so secret
I was left babbling and trembling,
Beyond all science knowing.

I was so far beyond,
So lost and absorbed,
I lost all my senses
I was of all sensing dispossessed;
And my spirit was filled
With knowledge not knowing,
Beyond all science knowing.

Whoever truly reaches there,
To himself he is lost;
All he knew before
Now appears very base;
But his knowledge grows,
And he remains not knowing
Beyond all science knowing. …

This knowing by not knowing,
Is of such high power,
That the arguments of the wise
Are unable to grasp it;
For their knowledge does not explain
Not to know knowing,
Beyond all science knowing.

And this exalted wisdom
Is of such excellence,
That no faculty of science
Can hope to reach it;
But he who learns to conquer himself
With this knowledge of not knowing,
Will always go beyond all science knowing.

(In this song, found in a manuscript of his works, Juan de la Cruz (a.k.a. John of the Cross)(1542-1591) described his entry into nirvikalpa-samadhi)


ioana said...

Amazing! Thank you for sharing! We'll share it further on ..


ioana said...

it is indeed a cool one! Plus this feeling to share the same experience with some hundred years old guy .. finding him as the best pal... beautiful. Thank you for bringing him back to life for us ..:-)